Don't Do The Thing

Focusing on What's Most Damaging to Us All and Working Our Way Down with this White House

It's easy to see or hear about this President's daily embarrassments and get so overwhelmed that you shut everything out. After all, all that negativity every day isn't fun or healthy for anyone. Nobody wants to be that guy, miserable all the time, yelling at the clouds shaking a clenched fist.

It's also real easy to be caught up in the ongoing media ratings monster storyline of the Trump/Russia involvement. It could be corruption, it could be collusion, it could be blackmail or something else. But even if you think they'll be a fair and unbiased investigation into it all (lol?), it likely won't start really unfolding for at least several months from now. In the meantime, this administration is attempting and doing some real insidious and damaging things to this country.

Let's briefly break down what's come to the light in the last few days and why it may piss you off.

In terms of the proposed 2018 White House financial budget:

Slashing $9 billion from education and pre and after-school spending.

Slashing funding to the nation's medical research agency that does major cancer research and provides training to our nurses and other medical professionals - the Institutes of Health - by $5.8 billion, 20% of it's entire budget.

Cutting financial aid for college tuition. 

Completely eliminating the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program - which helps heat the homes of the poorer in the winter.

Completely eliminating the Community Development Block Grant Program - which helps fund projects related to affordable housing, Meals on Wheels, community development and homelessness programs.

Stripping $2.6 billion from the agency charged with keeping our environment from being further destroyed and researching climate change - the EPA.

And where does this money get redistributed:

Over $4 billion will go to help building that wall we were all told Mexico would pay for, as well as hire over 1,500 new border and Immigration and Customs Agents.

Also, a ridiculous $54 billion MORE in defense spending for the country that spends at least as much on defense spending than the next 6 nations COMBINED.

In terms of the new TrumpCare Healthcare Bill Proposal in the next 10 years:

Hands $145 billion more to the health insurance companies.

Hands $25 billion more to the drug companies.

Hands $20 billion more to the medical device companies.

Those people earning $200,000 a year or more stand to save approximately $346 billion in tax cuts.

Allowing and incentivizing health insurers to give their top executives raises and use it as tax deductions. (How is that even legal?!)

All the while: 

A whopping 18 million people would not be insured next year under this proposed health care plan as opposed to the current Affordable Healthcare Act.

$880 billion will be cut from Medicaid - seeing expected losses of insurance by some 14 million Americans.

An absurd amount of 26 million less people would be insured by 2026.

Insured individuals will see their premiums jump by 15%-25% for most, and as much as 700% for the oldest and poorest Americans.

So to recap:

Funding for your kids schooling is getting slashed. That wonderful after school program they attend so that you can still work to pay the bills and not worry how to pay for watching your kids? Slashed. Those tens of millions that depend on a program that gives them a warm meal a day, gives them a little something to help makes ends meet with their heat or provides funding for our homeless shelters? Left to fend for themselves. Funding to help clean our environment and keep it as healthy a place as possible to live in and research the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change? Unimportant. Just a Chinese hoax. And that'll all suck just that much more when tens of millions won't have that Medicaid to find out why they're sick. And even for those that can afford health insurance in the future, you better hope you're making damn good money or it might just be too expensive to invest in.

And howcome?

To help stuff the pockets of private defense contractors. To watch our already bloated defense spending budget balloon and our administration instigate war each and every day to justify its absurdity. To hire more ICE agents to break up and indiscriminately deport immigrant families. To give his well to do buddies more and more tax breaks so that the rich get richer.

Is any of this a surprise? Of course not. What else should we expect from a career con-man? 

Here's the point and how we help to start righting the wrong: we focus on the details and don't get distracted by the shiny things. The tweets, the attacks, they're all meant to be diversions from screwing everyone over and fattening his and his buddies pockets. Stay the course. I know it's mentally exhausting at times. But stay educated and understand that collectively, our voices of dissent hold more weight than you might realize.