Weekly Randoms - 4/10/17 - 4/16/17

- United Airlines deserves everything that it has coming to them after the way they treated that passenger. That was horrendous. To view your customers as nothing more than just numbers is a nice way to lose your customer base in droves.

- Nothing in that man's past, criminal or not, has any justification in how he was treated by law enforcement in a moment when no authority had prior knowledge about his past any more than so many unarmed black man's criminal histories are dug up when they're killed by an officer.

- And speaking of the United Airlines debacle, the way the police handled that situation is something we've seen far too often: suspicions of possible use of excessive force.

- Rest in peace to the innocent souls lost this week to more gun deaths: 2 from the San Bernadino school shooting and the roughly 180 total gun deaths nationwide this week alone, as per http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/last-72-hours

- Let's not pretend that these latest reports of Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment and its subsequent $13 million settlement are the reasons for the mass exodus of advertisers. He's settled before and has a history of misogynistic, violating behavior. The advertisement outrage came from potential bad p.r., not any kind of moral awakening.

- Though the downward spiral into irrelevance couldn't have happened to a better guy. Maybe he should just pick himself up by his boot straps.


- President Trump has now decided to attack two separate countries in the span of two weeks. After firing 59 missiles into Syria, we have now dropped a bomb into Afghanistan that has never been used before, because, well, you know.. we used to give a damn about civilian casualties.

- Never has there ever been a U.S. President impeached during wartime. We see you, Don. You're not fooling anyone.

- The politicians and everyone else complicit in purposely poisoining over a 100,000 residents in Flint, Michigan during this water crisis should be forced to drink that same toxic water. All day. For the rest of their imprisoned lives. Hell, I'd even pay to watch those bastards struggle to choke that shit down on pay-per-view and have all the proceeds go towards the poor families' astronomical medical bills.

- These Yankees may not be any good this year, but I'm more stoked for this season than in at least the last 4 or 5 years because of their youth infusion.

- Come back, sleep. I miss you. We can talk this out.