Weekly Randoms 4/24 - 4/30

- We're beginning to transition to that time of the year when your girlfriend/wife stops stealing your sweatpants 💪🏼 and starts stealing your spring jackets.

- As we pass the 25th anniversary of the '92 LA Riots, it's important to remember that the riots were triggered not only by four officers on video for eight minutes beating Rodney King within inches of his life being acquitted, but also a 15 year old African-American girl shot in the head and killed by a shop owner a year earlier that was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, yet sentenced to nothing more than probation and community service; as well as all the countless other examples of police brutality and a judicial system that has failed the black community. And nothing has changed.

- How empty do people's lives have to be to spend more than 15 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic only to realise you're surrounded by a bunch of nosy rubberneckers that feel the need to stop to see the accident on the shoulder of the road with no intentions of actually doing anything helpful?! May every one of you forget where you're going and aimlessly drive in circles for the rest of the night.

- It's heartbreaking to read the horrors the refugees of Syria are going through, even after they flee their war-torn homeland. This country's all about extending olive branches out to those in need of help, not shutting them out and saying 'better them than us'.  Maddening to think some of the most powerful nations in the world are spending millions and millions more on war than humanitarian aid over there.

- The other day my 90-year-old grandfather unknowingly ate my 7-month-old's Blueberry Apple food..so I'm feeling pretty good about the chances the baby will like this flavor when he actually gets a try.

- Rest In Peace to the roughly 159 more gun deaths lost this week to gun violence - according to http://www.gunviolencearchive.org. And yet multiple states are pushing for open carry laws and bills that make it legal to walk around with gun silencers. Because 'Murica.

- I find yelling "honk" out my car window because my horn doesn't work to be a much less effective way of letting that driver know they suck.

- Sad to see Venezuela possibly heading towards civil war after years of economic recession, spiking inflation and unemployment and massive levels of government mistrust. A reminder that when enough people throughout a nation are fed up with corruption and dire straits historically, drastic measures are often taken.