Weekly Randoms 5/15 - 5/21

- Rest In Peace Chris Cornell, 1964-2017. One of the great rock voices of my lifetime. He is survived by his wife and three children and their foundation for vulnerable children - https://www.ifonly.com/celebrity/chris-cornell. The tragic way he went is just another reminder of how desperate we as a country we are to really address the epidemics of mental health and prescription medication.

- An estimated 219 more reported gun deaths this week, as per gunviolencearchive.org. SMH

- The acquittal on Thursday of Oklahoma officer Betty Jo Shelby of Terrence Crutcher is just one more example of an unarmed black man gunned down by an officer with no repercussions.

- Can somebody please explain to Trump that the word he's been looking for is spelled counsel. Not council. Or councel. It's embarrassing.

- Glad xenophobia lost in France in their recent Presidential election - but their bigoted hard-right strand of the party are growing in popularity and there are many anti Islamic laws there already. This isn't a problem solved as much as it is a problem momentarily averted.

- Are we supposed to pretend it's ok that Turkey's president-in-title-only Erdogen's bodyguards attacked U.S. citizens conducting a peaceful protest?! Because it most definitely is not ok.

- That car mowdown of innocent bystanders on a sidewalk in Times Square this past Thursday that claimed at least 1 life was terrifying. This new reality we live in can really suck. Thankful those barriers were there to prevent further damage. Imagine living like this on a more regular basis in any of a bunch of European countries?

- So to recap in this week of I-can't-believe-this-ish-is-really-happening-in-our-government: On Monday, it was discovered that Trump told Russian officials classified Intel regarding ISIS plans of terrorism that involved laptop-detonated bombs, prompting National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster to publicly refute the report. On Tuesday, Trump tweeted out that he has the power to release classified Intel, contradicting his National Security Advisor. Intel that was determined to have been given to us by Israel, and could have very well compromised identities or personal safety of those individuals. It was also leaked to the press that Comey kept extensive memo's of conversations he had with Trump, including which the President repeatedly asked Comey to cease his investigation with Flynn and Russia. By Wednesday, in response to mounting public pressure, came a rare bi-partisan decision to name former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the special prosecutor for the Department of Justice's now criminal investigation into the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russia. On Thursday, Trump reacted by repeating that his decision was also corroborated by FBI Rod Rosenstein in a letter he drafted up. Rosenstein would then have a closed-door meeting with all of the Senate, where he stated that it had already been determined hours before his letter was written that Trump was going to fire Comey. By Friday, the national media learned that Trump bragged to the two Russian officials about firing Comey, saying "I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off." I'm not liking this novella, where's the remote?

-  And let's not forget that while everyone was paying attention to Trump's latest tweets, Dodd-Frank, the bill put in place in an attempt to at least ease Big Bank's greediness and prevent another major collapse like in 2008, was rolled back to the point of pre-2008 days, setting us up for another financial disaster at the hands of Wall Street gluttony. So there's that.