Weekly Randoms 5/29 - 6/4

- If matching socks was as fun as saying the word paella, I'd have a draw full of pre-paired socks.

- Was anyone really surprised that Trump took two days before issuing any statement condemning the verbal attack by a white supremacist on a Muslim lady and the subsequent murder of two men by the bigot defending her. Before speaking publicly about the reprehensible act, he instead tweeted to attack the media about their reporting of his corrupt administration, his ideas of a 'successful' trip to Europe in which he thoroughly embarrassed himself and all of the U.S., and to congratulate Montana republican for winning his political race a day after it was made public that he body slammed a reporter for asking him about his party's healthcare bill. If anything I'm surprised he commented at all. This is the world we live in these days, folks.

- A Happy Memorial Day to all serviceman/servicewoman that has served our country. It should also serve as a reminder that just because war's are way too often propagated by politicians and those that can financially benefit from it, we don't have to sheepishly follow suit and can resist. Let's live in a world where we avoid senseless deaths as much as possible.

- Onions in a salad are the worst. Get ouuuuuut! 

- Upset I didn't do this in last week's review, the upmost respect for the gentlemen Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche. They lost their lives on 5/26/17 standing up to hate. Refusing to let hate instill fear and grow is the only way to ensure that we're not overrun by it.

- While everyone is focusing on Russia, this administration has pulled out of the Paris climate deal, worked to roll back woman's health care by not mandating the federal government ensure insurance companies include birth control coverage in their policies and empowered red states all across the country to systematically dismantle unions, going after the Democrats' larger campaign supporters.

- This administration is also handing back two compounds to Russia that were taken from them by Obama because of their meddling into the 2016 election process. Two compounds that have been notorious for Russia spying on Americans. All of this, with the U.S. expecting nothing in return. While Trump is already under investigation for possible Russian collusion. My head hurts.

- Trump also found two new ways to embarrass himself and the country by completely misinterpreting the Paris Climate Agreement, but also for his opportunistic and shitty way of handling the duel terror attacks in London and attacking their mayor.

- 289 gun deaths estimated this week, as per gunviolencearchive.org. The body counts just keep climbing up.