Weekly Randoms 5/8 - 5/14

_ This can't possibly be the most efficient you can be MTA. I call major bullshit on that.

- Jon Stewart - The Godfather of mainstreaming late night hard news, is single-handedly responsible for proving there is a market and demand for viewers even at 11 p.m. to be informed about political hypocrisy and scandal. Thanks to Jon, millions of viewers have not only been able to keep informed through his successor, Trevor Noah, at the Daily Show, but also Seth Meyers on NBC. 

- What's going on in Puerto Rico is a travesty. Venture capitalists profiting off the misery of poor residents is not ok.

- A RIP to an estimated 228 more gun deaths this week - as per http://www.gunviolencearchive.org. The gun death tolls just continue to rise...

- So let's recap: On Tuesday, Trump fires the FBI Director James Comey heading an investigation into possible election collusion with his campaign and Russia. His administration follows it up by saying he was being strong, decisive, and acting on the recommendations of his advisors based, at least partially, on the way Comey handled the Hillary Clinton unsecured email investigation days before the election. Trump then goes on national television and states that he was going to fire Comey anyway, that he feels the Russia investigation should have ended a long time ago and that Comey told him on 3 separate occasions that he was not being investigated. Comey, apparently through those close to him, called bullshit. Trump, getting wind of this the next day sends out a thinly veiled tweet threatening to release recorded tapes of Comey if he decides to speak to the press. And then Trump meets with the same Russian ambassador who's interactions with General Flynn and subsequent lying about it is what helped get him fired, the next day! Barring the American press and only allowing a Russian photographer present in the process. AND YET REPUBLICANS STILL BACK THIS GUY.

- This all brings me to this: It is imperative to not give this party any credit once they've finally realized they cant go any further with this president and have drained the maximum amount of opportunity out of the fact that there's a republican in the White House. They have and continue to jeopardize the country's safety and democracy for their agenda and that should not be forgotten in the short or long term.

- In a perfect world, employees would be judged more on their work ethic and knowledge of their work space and less about whose asses they've kissed.