Weekly Randoms 6/19 - 6/25

 - A Syrian jet fighter getting shot down by the U.S. has caused tensions in the area. Moscow has since stated publicly that any U.S. jet seen flying in Syrian airspace will now be viewed as an aggressor. Hmmm...

- Secretary of Education this week has appointed the person to head the $1.3 trillion student loan program in this country. Who is he? A Wayne Johnson, the CEO of the private, for-profit student loan company Reunion Student Loan Services. Because of course.

- I'm thankful to not live in a world that doesn't have pineapple.



- Six top advisory aides from Trump's HIV/AIDS advisory panel quit this week because "there was no strategy". Sounds about right.

- In a resolution that likely means this country will have to put up with Trump's garbage for much longer, Georgia's 6 district special election elected a Republican, an indication that Trump's ignorance and stupidity has not permeated to the rest of his party's support. This is now the fourth such special election that a Republican has taken since Trump was elected. As long as this continues and that doesn't happen, they aren't going to feel compelled or even slightly pressured to considered removing him from office.

- An American was returned this week after being jailed for a year and a half in North Korea for attempting to take a North Korean propaganda poster. Otto Warmbier died days later without confirmation of a cause and it begs to question, will this lead to further escalation between the two countries?

- Another week, another estimated 268 more gun deaths this week, as per gunviolencearchive.org.

- On Thursday, we learned that the Senate's version of a healthcare reform bill will delay the cruelty, but be even harsher in a few years. It will still slash Medicaid qualifications and therefore kick tens of millions off coverage, give tax breaks to the richest paying into it, and create loopholes for insurance companies to reduce coverage and/or raise premiums; including for those with pre-existing conditions, in need of services for planned parenthood, fighting drug addiction, etc. To boot, his administration is also putting restrictions on video recording or what to report on during press briefings, when they actually do conduct them. This. Is. How. Democracy. Dies. Slowly and methodically, not overnight.

- Also, Trump consultant and professional bigot, Sebastian Gorka, we learned on Thursday, was fired as a paid consultant of the FBI for his constant anti-Islamic statements. Too racist for the FBI? Perfectly qualified for this administration.

- Also, we learned that not only did Trump lie about recordings he had of Comey (the fact that our president lied is not national news is part of normalizing this whole shitshow) to change his story, which could be considered witness tampering. Which then pushed Comey to release more facts about Trump's pushiness and obstruction of justice. Good job, guy. And that, as Trump said is "not very stupid, I can tell you that."

- The acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez of the shooting and death of Philando Castile, despite a dashboard camera video and audio of Philando disclosing that he has a licensed firearm on him and is reaching for his wallet, as was directed by the officer, is a tragedy this country has seen way too many times. The 'I feared for my life' defense should not and can not be a sufficient enough stance for an officer to kill a civilian.