Weekly Randoms 7/10 - 7/16

- With no science to back this up, I contend that the song "Moves Like Jagger" kills on average 3 brain cells with each full listen.

- 10 swimmers rescued off the shore of the Florida Gulf Coast when a group of 80 beach goers formed a human chain reaching a 100 yards out this past Monday. Faith in humanity: restored.

Courtesy of CNN - who said the only good thing about Florida was DIsney World?!

Courtesy of CNN - who said the only good thing about Florida was DIsney World?!

This past Tuesday, the country's leading Attorney General and lifelong bigot, Jeff Sessions, met with the most powerful extreme right-wing group for a speech that both he and the organization, Alliance Defending Freedom, refuse to release or even comment on. "Their endgame," said Montgomery, "is to have the law and the culture reflect their religious worldview. In a concrete way, that means criminilzation of abortion nationwide, an end to equal recognition and protections for LGBT people and their relationships, and the weakening of the separation of church and state." The biggest issue is that they've pushed their financial might into the judicial system, pushing their religiously bigoted Christian beliefs onto states and several already determined pivotal Supreme Court decisions, with many more expected to come. The ADF, which believes that homosexuality and pedophilia are "intrinsically linked", was applauded today by the country's head of the DOJ for defending religious freedom amid a "changing cultural climate".

- Pretty sure it hurts me 5 times more than it does my infant son to see how he is right after getting his shots. Poor lil guy.

- Arkansas is attempting to pass a law that requires both the woman AND the man have an agreement on what to do with a deceased one's remains; including the decision to have an abortion or not. A law that doesn't change if you're raped, sexually abused or if your partner is abusive or not. Imagine a rule where you're beaten or raped, and you're legally disallowed to have an abortion because the man doesn't want to or you simply can't find him. Beyond words.

- No one has ever said 'hey, let's get a hedge fund involved, that'll work out well for all parties involved.' Nope. Never happened.

- It came to the light on Monday that Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort's meeting with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya came after they were informed that information would be coming from the Russian government that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton, contradicting Trump Jr.'s statement no more than 48 hours earlier saying that they only found out during the meeting that the info damaging to Hillary was going to be presented and that it was vague. Potentially violating the law of a campaign official soliciting information from a foreign national. “The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.” He continued, “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump.” The administration reeled all week, searching for pointing for people to blame for their stupidity. First, they pointed a finger at Obama because it was somehow his fault that the Russian lawyer was in the U.S. In the first place to allow Jr. to be in the meeting. After being told how ridiculous that sounded, they circled the wagons and downplayed the meeting, claiming it was no big deal and that no information was obtained. By Friday it became public knowledge that the Russian-American lobbyist and ex Soviet military officer Rinat Akhmetsin was present during Jr.'s meeting. He apparently brought DNC-related documents with him. By Sunday, Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow tried blaming the Secret Service, claiming everyone was vetted before the meeting. Almost immediately in response, the Secret Service released a statement reminding everyone that Jr., nor the Trump family, wasn't a Secret Service protectee in June 2016, as they were still very far from being winning the presidency.

- Four days after Trump Jr. was contacted stating he could be given damaging information on Clinton and just hours before setting the now infamous June 9th meeting, Trump said in a speech that he'll release Clinton info dirt regarding Russia. But I'm sure that is just a coincidence.

- Surprise to no one paying even remote attention: Trump's officials have tried to water down the Senate bill that would institute new sanctions on Iran and, more importantly, Russia.

- Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics took out rookies at the Vegas D league to acclimate them to life in the NBA, dropping $5,000 to a host a party for them. That's a cool move on his part.

- Speaking for nobody but myself here: I had to re-prioritize my own health. Life's stress and bullshit isn't worth stroking out at 50. Do whatever it takes to better zen yourself; whether that be the gym or yoga or taking more road trips, but don't let the monotony and pettiness of it all bog you down. Life is too short not to be happy.

- "Preserving public order and the spirit of living together" the European Court of Human Rights' reasoning behind upholding France's blanket ban on face-viels. The ruling affirmed that 2 women could not wear hijabs in public, even after agreeing it unfairly discriminatory against Muslims. Discriminatory, indeed.

- Celebration for a fully liberated Mosul may be a bit premature, as there is still pockets of fighting and bombing going off within the city.

- Jeffrey Loria is suing 9 season ticketholders, because they want their money back. They want their money back after signing multiple year season ticket packages because Loria didn't provide the perks he promised them that was contingent on a multiple year deal, backing out on an agreement that he himself broke first. Not only suing for season ticket monies, but also going after one of the person's  $750k building, as well. From the same guy that's already screwed the city of Miami and state of Florida for millions in public taxes so that he can pocket more of the profits. Stay classy, Jeff.

- A vaccine has been accidentally found for gonorrhea in New Zealand, studies have shown.

- Another week, another 247 estimated gun deaths in 'Murica, as per gunviolencearchive.org.

- RIP to the slain Bronx police woman, Miosotis Familia, who is survived by her 3 children. RIP also to the 16 servicemen that died in a Marine aircraft that crashed down in Mississippi.

- That awkward moment when you walk into the bathroom as someone is blowing it up and after they leave, someone you know walks in as you're walking out and you don't quite know them like that to let 'em know that it wasn't you that just punished the porcelain.

- I really wish that the parts of the media that report every new revelation of Trump's camp of collusion and corruption with Russia's operatives is a smoking gun. That starts to fall on deaf ears after a while if it keeps being repeated. There is no smoking gun because I don't expect him to not finish his full term, because don't understimate the power of the super wealthy and connected to circumvent our judicial system.

- Republican's lack of reactions to the douche Trump is a response to a still overwhelming support of the president. Until that changes, he isn't going anywhere.

- During his tenure as Kansas' secretary of state, Kobach's voter suppression laws meant 1 in 7 weren't able to vote, mainly effecting younger voters that didn't have the collection of paperwork required in the state of Kansas to do so. Kobach has convicted only 1 non citizen of the almost 2 million in Kansas, but keeps banging the anti-immigrant drum because it's effective. In Kansas, for every 200 false positive results, every 1 was actually a case of fraud because of the same flawed search system they're going to enact nationwide. The fear is that the false positive hits will be used to propagate voter suppression laws federally and by states.

- Our own State Department paid more than $15,000 for 19 Trump hotel rooms in his Vancouver tower in February. Emoluments. Clause.

- Stop systematically cutting public funding to ineffective levels to then turn around and privatize it for corporate profits. Oh, and, tickle down this 😒.

- Taser lobbyist appointed to the chief of staff to ICE. Thomas Blank. I'm sure this won't bring about any abuse of power or conflict of interest issues, at all.

- A new provision of the revised health care bill gives congressman and their staff access to health care that those buying premiums won't have access to, because apparently there's still 4 or 5 people in the country they haven't alienated.

- Lack of sleep for consecutive days can lead to irritabi.. the hell you just call me?!

- This past Thursday, Trump hit on France's first lady, saying "you're in such good shape.  She's in such good physical shape. Beautiful." Major props to French president Macron for not body-slamming him right there on the spot.

- Trump's own personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, responded in an email to someone taunting him by saying "watch your back, bitch." Because of course he acts that way being around Trump all the time.

- Trump wants a clear, transparent wall so that Americans don't get hit on the head with flying bags of drugs. Solid plan there, Donald.

- When Kushner revised his security clearance form, he added over 100 foreign national names. 100. Lying on these forms almost always results in a loss of employment and possible jail time, not to mention not losing their security clearance. He met with a Russian banker of Putin's preferred bank.

- Lobbying by the defense industry has exceeded $70 million annually for five of the past six years. It's paying off. The industry has zero oversight and countless human rights violations.

- The Presidential Advisory Commission of Election Integrity, the farce of an agency that's been denied by almost every state to unwarrantedly provide sensitive voter information, has conveniently released sensitive info, unsurprisingly many of whom are their critics. Over 3,500 voters have already canceled their voter registrations in Colorado alone for fear of voter fraud commission jeopardizing their sensitive information.

- In idaho, workers must now prove that taking a new job will not hurt their former employer. A new survey shows 1 in 5 Americans are in similarly trapped employment situations. This is corporate collusion disguised as "noncompete clauses" designed to keep wages down.