18 Stats That Show America Isn't As Progressive Towards Women As One Might Think

- Over 40% of American households with children under the age of 18 are now anchored by a women that is either the sole or primary breadwinner. 

- 18 cents less on the dollar is what women make than their male counterparts one year out of college when similarly educated and experienced. 

- 94.6 cents on the dollar is the "adjusted" gender pay gap, when appeasing all critics of the difference and factoring in education, age, experience, location, job title, industry and even company. 

- $2,140 less a year women earn than their male counterparts with this "adjusted" gap, and $64,100 over a 30 year employment span. 

- 33 women's reproductive care centers have closed around the country in the last 18 months, with the expectation of many more to follow. 

- $400-$1,500 is the cost range for a rape kit. A rape kit that many states have loopholes that force the victim to purchase.

- 90% of rape victims are women. 

- 70% of rapes of women are committed by someone that knows the victim.

- 4 times more likely to be raped, attempted rape or sexually assaulted are females during the ages of 16-19 than the general population. 

- 2 times more likely is a woman to be sexually assaulted if they have a disability. 

- 1 in 3 Native American women have been raped or have experienced an attempted rape.

- Anywhere from 2 to 10% of rape accusations are false reports. 

- More than 1 in 5 women is a victim of domestic violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

- 7 times is the average amount of attempts it'll take to leave their abusive partner for good.

- 1 in 6 U.S. women survive an attempted or completed rape. 

- 93% of women killed are murdered by a man they knew.

- 3 women a day are killed by a man.

Statistics taken from National Sexual Violence Resources Center, CDC, AAUW, VPC, DOJ